What’s the weather for tomorrow : Warm weather expected this afternoon, severe weather chances ahead

What’s the weather for tomorrow : Warm weather expected this afternoon, severe weather chances ahead

What’s the weather for tomorrow : High pressure has made itself known to the area today which will limit our wet weather opportunity. At the surface, however moisture content, hovers along with temperatures that will aid in the production of dense fog What’s the weather for tomorrow.

Fog advisories are popping up all over the viewing area, so please take caution while commuting this morning. Temperatures are expected to reach into the middle and upper 80s this afternoon. It would feel like temperatures in the lower and middle 90s. A few isolated showers or storms are plausible to our northern counties near the Iowa border but wet weather overall is looking to be a low threat today what’s the weather for tomorrow.

What’s the weather for tomorrow Update

By tomorrow, a warm front wall, deep into central Iowa as an area of low pressure towards Oklahoma and northwest Kansas continue to bring in southerly flow which aids in moisture and instability to the atmosphere. This will yield a threat to storm activity, mainly towards the evening.

A marginal risk for severe storms is possible, and with the confidence beginning to increase for this storm threat, we are issuing a weather alert for Friday night, mainly between the hours of 7 and 10 p.m. Our main concern will be straight-line wind and hail development but rotation is still not a 0% chance.

What's the weather for tomorrow

The start of the week will yield a few isolated showers or storms popping up mainly towards the afternoon as temperatures continue to however within the upper 80s and lower 90s things to the warm front that remains within central Iowa. Feel like temperatures on both Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon will range within the upper 90s and lower triple digits.

Once we move into Sunday, another severe weather threat fields. A new energized front defense from the north interacts with a significant moist and unstable air mass from the south central plains. Due to Sunday being too far out in our forecast models, the timing of storm activity, and how intense the storms will actually be, or not something we can get a pinpoint on at this time.

However, what we do know is that there is a high competence of a chance to produce severe storm activity Sunday. We will issue a weather alert for this day because of how our severe weather prediction models are so confident in storm activity. Once the storms pass, a dryer pattern takes over for the next week with temperatures starting off in the lower 80s after the passing storm activity but quickly rebound back to seasonable temperatures for August by mid-week into the upper 80s.

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what’s the weather for tomorrow

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