Is Constantine 2 really coming out? | Constantine 2  Release date

Is Constantine 2 really coming out? | Constantine 2  Release date

Constantine 2 Movie is confirmed or not At some point after the Constantine 2005 movie , everyone thought that Constantine 2 will never happen and the franchise of Constantine is cancelled Constantine 2 .

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Constantine 2 

Constantine 2 

Well the good news for fans is Constantine 2 movie is confirmed and Keanu Reeves himself confirmed about the movie and debunked all the rumours that Constantine 2 movie is cancelled.

Was Constantine 2005 a hit movie ?

Well you can decide yourself that movie is hit or not

The budget of the movie was $70-100 million and box office collection of the movie was $231 million.

By seeing these numbers, the movie is a hit and it opened the new door for horror movies.

 Why did Constantine 2 take so long.

As all we know that it is confirmed that Constantine 2 movie is coming and it is a great news for fans who are eagerly waiting for the Constantine 2 movie.

But everyone asking the question why is it taking so long to release the Constantine 2 movie? First movie came in 2005 and after so many years the sequel of Constantine is coming.

Well after 2005 movie there is no sign to make the sequel and the project for Constantine is closed.

In 2019 and 2021 Keanu Reeves said that he is ready to reprise the role of Constantine in the future.

And in September 2022 it was reported that the sequel of Constantine is happening.

The production was started but it was delayed due to Hollywood writers and actors strike.

But now the production is set to start.

Constantine 2 Release Date

Constantine movie came in 2005 and Keanu Reeves played the role of John Constantine as the expert in Demonologist and exorcism.

The production of the movie is set to start and it will take some time so we can see the Constantine 2 movie not before 2025.

Constantine 2 trailer 

Well the trailer of the movie is not released, only the concept of Constantine 2 movie is known and we can expect the trailer in 2025.

 Constantine 2 cast

Keanu Reeves is confirmed for the role of John Constantine and Peter Stormare will also reprise the role of Lucifer.

There are some rumours that Rachel Weise and Djimon Hounsou also reprise their role in Constantine 2 movie.

Constantine 2 plot

In Constantine 2005 movie Lucifer failed to take John Constantine in hell.

For Constantine 2, the story will continue from it was left or the new story follows.

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