Jihad Ward :  Giants’ Jihad Ward Displeased with Portrayal of Interaction with Aaron Rodgers on “Hard Knocks”

Jihad Ward:  Giants’ Jihad Ward Displeased with Portrayal of Interaction with Aaron Rodgers on “Hard Knocks”

Jihad Ward, the defensive end for the New York Giants, has expressed his dissatisfaction with the way his interaction with New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers was depicted on the television show “Hard Knocks.” Ward clarified that his actions were driven by his dismay over an illegal block executed by Jets wide receiver Randall Cobb, which resulted in a concussion for Giants safety Bobby McCain. Ward also cited the collective reaction of the Jets as a factor in his response.

Jihad Ward

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Jihad Ward, the defensive end for the New York Giants

The “Hard Knocks” episode showcased Jets players sharing a laugh during the huddle after Rodgers reprimanded Cobb for the blindside block. Ward articulated his perspective on the incident, stating, “The whole team was upset about that. It’s preseason, and yet such a reaction?”

Ward added, “It’s alright though. That’s their approach. We’ll be facing them soon; that’s the way it goes.”

This incident seems to be setting the stage for a rekindling of the cross-town rivalry between the Giants and the Jets. This rivalry hasn’t been as intense since the era of Rex Ryan and the Jets’ attempts to dominate the city over a decade ago.

The Giants and Jets are scheduled to face each other again on October 29th at MetLife Stadium. The Jets, a team with substantial pre-season hype, will be up against the Giants, who reached the playoffs last season but have maintained a lower profile within the local sports scene this summer.

Ward emphasized that he and his team were well aware of Cobb’s actions and their implications. “They know what they did. I know what [Cobb] did, coaches know what he did, my teammates know what he did,” Ward asserted. “I’m the only one standing up for [McCain].”

McCain was placed in the concussion protocol following the incident.

Ward chose to share his thoughts on Wednesday afternoon after practice, opting to wait until after Friday night’s pre-season game. He declined to delve into the specifics of his interactions with Rodgers, stating that he wanted to hear Rodgers’ remarks first.

In response to Ward’s actions, Rodgers commented, “I kind of bumped him, too. Wait for ‘Hard Knocks.’ Some good content.”

During the first quarter of play, Ward gave Rodgers a gentle push after a play that occurred right after Cobb’s block. The two engaged in a heated exchange face-to-face. Following Rodgers’ 14-yard touchdown pass to Garrett Wilson on the subsequent play, they exchanged words once again.

On the episode of “Hard Knocks” that aired on Tuesday night, clips were shown of Rodgers expressing unfamiliarity with Ward. After Rodgers’ touchdown pass, he was captured yelling phrases like “Don’t poke the bear!”

Ward, who has accumulated seven years of professional experience, played a significant role last season when the Giants secured victory against Rodgers and his former team, the Green Bay Packers, in London. Ward seemed dissatisfied with the portrayal of the scene on the TV show. He commented, “They’re all about entertainment. They’ll highlight his part—HBO, all that ‘Hard Knocks’ stuff. They’ll showcase his perspective. They weren’t even part of the whole context of what happened. They’ll spotlight his side of the narrative… At the end of the day, it’s all about Aaron Rodgers. They signed him, that’s how it goes. They’ll focus on his role and make me appear inferior. But I won’t stand for that.”

Regarding his version of events, Ward emphasized, “From my standpoint, I won’t allow any of my teammates to be pushed around like that. I’ll defend my teammates.”

On “Hard Knocks,” Rodgers was shown reprimanding Cobb for the illegal block, which propelled McCain and resulted in a 15-yard penalty for the Jets. Rodgers immediately recognized the gravity of the situation.

“I couldn’t believe it. I’ve known Randall Cobb for a long time. We talk about intelligent players making prudent choices on the field. I don’t know what he was thinking. As I watched it in slow motion, I was thinking, ‘No, no, no Cobby, what were you thinking?'” Rodgers commented after the game. “We were laughing because that type of play wasn’t penalized when we began playing. It’s been deemed a penalty for quite some time now. So, not a wise move.”

Rodgers added humorously, “I told him, ‘Hey, you’ve got a third child on the way. You just lost some money. You’ll have to get [your wife] Aiyda something nice for that.'”

In an episode of “Hard Knocks,” Cobb’s wife, Aiyda, was seen explaining to their two young children that their father might be fined for his actions during the game. The exact amount of the fine is anticipated to be disclosed later in the week.

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